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Our Story

Our Origin Story

Before 2009, professionals and leaders in North Carolina would see each other at events, including dinners and receptions. They would say, "you know, we have so much in common."  This included many shared interests and a commitment to global health, whether in North Carolina or across the globe. "We should do something together," they'd proclaim. 


But then they'd go home.  And when they saw each other again, they'd have the same conversation and come to the same conclusion.  ‘We should do something - together."  In 2009, they finally did. 


Leaders at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Duke University, North Carolina State University, North Carolina Biotechnology Center, FHI 360, IntraHealth International, and RTI International founded what was then known as the Triangle Global Health Consortium, which has now grown and become the North Carolina Global Health Alliance. 


The evolution of the Alliance hasn't changed its goal to be a successful convener, amplifier, and advocate for global health in the state and abroad, carrying out its mission through collaborative events, networking, and career development.  But it's that original spirit that moved us, that recurring after-dinner conversation of "let’s do something together." That's the real tie that binds us together and keeps us moving forward into the future.     


Serving Our Members

We help people and groups discover and create the connections they would have otherwise not established. The Alliance is the source for:

Partnering for growing business. Through our technical sharing and networking events, we aid organizations in forging alliances for global health innovation to win new projects or bring in new revenue through global initiatives.


Access to specialists. Through our knowledge-sharing offerings, forums, and networking events, we help connect people who have specialized expertise to organizations, individuals, and projects with corresponding needs.


Access to new talent. By connecting our organizations and their staff and students, we put the Triangle’s exceptional talent to use regionally and globally. We also help prepare the next generation of global health leaders.


Access to global health best practices. Through our knowledge sharing and technical events, we help the global health community identify and share best practices and demonstrate how best practices can unite traditionally unilateral sectors.

Economic growth for the Alliance and North Carolina. In promoting the Alliance and N.C. as an epicenter of global health worldwide, we help attract new talent, investment, and organizations to the region.


Consolidated voice for advocacy. By combining our members’ voices into one common voice for global health, we convey more power, clout, and credibility with other businesses, governments, and communities regionally and worldwide.

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