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Our members are committed to exploring innovative collaborations for the benefit of our world's health.

We help organizations and individuals discover and create the connections they would have otherwise not established.


The NCGHA is the catalyst for:

​Convening diverse institutions, disciplines, sectors, and priorities toward a common interest in global health. We create interactions, professional exchange, and new partnerships that would have otherwise not occurred.

Convergence of many vertical stakeholders and resources to address the increasingly interconnected areas of global health. This convergence identifies unmet needs, creates synergy, and further engages new combinations of stakeholders to address these needs.

Collaboration among individuals and diverse groups, working together to create increased understanding, enhanced approaches, unique ideas, and new opportunities.

Member Opportunities


Leah M. Devlin, DDS, MPH
Foundation Board Chair

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"The networking with like-minded professionals from globally focused businesses, nonprofits, and academic organizations provides enormous potential for innovative health investments and strategies that can change North Carolina and the world!" 

Member of the Alliance &
Annual Conference Attendee

"The Alliance provides a crucial forum for local partners to connect -- as well as those from other locales. It's nice to take advantage of resources in the Research Triangle. You are doing incredible work, are an invaluable asset."

Timothy Mastro
Chief Science Officer
FHI 360

"I love being a member of the Alliance because it serves as a connector of people and organizations in North Carolina dedicated to global health. The Triangle is a much richer place because of NCGHA."

Member Perks


Career Center

Event Discounts


New Business & Partnerships


Best Practices



Membership Dues

The NCGHA is committed to making our membership as accessible as possible. Annual membership dues are based on the annual gross revenue of an organization or the number of students at a university.

Students and professionals who are affiliated with one of our member organizations are considered to be members.

Though we primarily work with institutional partners, we welcome individual students and professionals to apply for membership if their institution is unable to formalize membership. Please feel free to email us at with questions.

University Membership

  • Less than 1,000 students: $1,000

  • 1,000 - 5,000 students: $3,000

  • 5,000+ students: $10,000

Nonprofit Membership

For-profit Membership

  • Less than $1 million: $350

  • $1-10 million: $1,250

  • $10-100 million: $2,500

  • $100-$500 million: $5,000

  • $500 million+: $10,000

  • Less than $1 million: $700

  • $1-10 million: $2,500

  • $10-100 million: $5,000

  • $100-$500 million: $10,000

  • $500 million+: $20,000

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